FoH Eye-See Project Report

It was just a couple years ago that I joined FoH. As we embarked on the Eye-See Project we really did not have all the pieces together; but, we saw the hand of God at work and truly sensed his leading. Our first project was in Mombasa Kenya. The testimonies from that relief work have been so encouraging (as indicated in the previous blog update), and to this day are still coming in.

Our purpose as a team is not to just glide through earth and say “yay!”, when we make it to heaven. We believe we have work to do here on earth before we get there. We are called to love others and love is best demonstrated in action. We do not do our work for the applause of people, but in obedience to the life God has called us to—to glorify him here on earth. If a pair of glasses can demonstrate to someone that God loves them and that God is concerned about the littlest details of their life, then we want to be part of that story. We invite you to join us in drawing this narrative. Let’s change one life at a time.

Director FoH Eye-See Project
P.S. Please Visit: FoH Eye-See Project for more information.


FoH Eye-See Testimonial From Mombasa…

Today I was surprised to run into Wilfred a patient who visited our clinic in Likoni, Mombasa last November, 2014. He had lost vision in one of his eyes which made it extremely difficult for him to read and function normally. He had gone for testing in Nairobi and they told him he suffered from blood clots in his vein, which leads to the retina. The doctors in Nairobi told him they could do surgery; however, it would cost him 20,000ksh. Then he was tested again at the FACE of HARVEST clinic and was referred to the Lighthouse Medical Center for the surgery which FoH covered. Today he is very joyful as he has been given new sight. He can now read and live as he used to.Just wanted to share the good news… For more information on this program go to: FoH Eye-See Project

Director FoH Kenya
(A picture of Wilfred is attached below).



New Training Center Opens Up!

As of January, 2014 FoH launched a new discipleship training center in Mwiki, Kenya. FoH Training Centers serve to train and equip disciples in the faith and also provide them with tools and resources needed to maintain their faith and sustain a livelihood after their training period is completed. For more information visit: FoH Training Centers.

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Israel, Haifa Branch Opens!!!


We thank the Lord for all your prayers and support. We have seen the hand of the Lord lead and guide us through these young stages of FACE of HARVEST’s life. It is with tremendous gratitude and joy of heart that I am pleased to announce the official launch of the FoH Haifa Branch—“Repairer of the Breach” Ministry, in Haifa, Israel.

I am delighted to introduce you to Steve and his wife Rana who serve in Haifa, Israel as the FoH branch directors. To watch a brief ministry video clip please click:  Haifa Branch Ministry Intro and at the bottom of that page, click the “Conversion Testimonial” link to listen to their personal testimonies.

Please pray and help support this ministry. We are so excited about what the Lord will do in and through it.

Be blessed in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Executive Director

We are busy in the harvest-field! Why don’t you come join us?

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FACE OF HARVEST would like to ask for your support with regard to an ambitious project that FOH has felt the burden to undertake. Over 12 million people throughout the Horn of Africa (Eastern Africa) have been affected by one of the worst famines in history. Just to give you a little insight as to the magnitude of the crisis, to date, the drought and famine in Somalia have killed more than 29,000 children under the age of 5 , according to U.S. estimates (this is the first time such a precise death toll has been released related to the Horn of Africa crisis); thousands more above these age ranges have lost and continue to lose their lives on a weekly basis.

October 31-November 4, 2011, FACE OF HARVEST will head to Northern Kenya and Somalia to contribute toward the relief efforts. The operation is set up to cater to the spiritual and physical needs of the aid recipients. FOH Executive Director, Isaac, will leave for the region at the end of October to meet up with FOH ground staff, including the Executive Director and staff from the Somalia Prayer Network (SPN), the Vice-Chairman of World Harvest (WH). The total crew will consist of about 50-60 participants including a team of 10 medical practitioners, security forces, food distributors, clergy, logistic technicians, transportation crew, etc.

The goal is to conduct several medical clinics and seminars, leadership development and community empowerment seminars, food and water distribution to a community of about 500 displaced refugees. FACE OF HARVEST is asking not only for your prayer support, but also help with funding this effort.

You can mail in a donation or simply go to our contribution page: CONTRIBUTE.







FACE OF HARVEST is hosting an awareness benefit concert to support its response to the drought and food crisis in East Africa that has left about 11million people in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. The FACE OF HARVEST HORN OF AFRICA FAMINE BENEFIT CONCERT will feature multiple recording artists and humanitarian advocates who will address the current crisis taking place in the ‘Horn of Africa.’

Should you not be able to join us for the event, we would still encourage you to help fund initial efforts to provide supplemental food for at-risk groups in the Eastleigh community of Kenya and select refugee camps (on the Somalia/Kenya border region). To make your donation select the “FOH Relief Program” in the secure donation form. In the comments section, feel free to add “For Horn of Africa Famine.” CLICK HERE.

Featured artists and speakers will include (but are not limited to):

  • Ntambo & African Band, Recording Artist & Founder of African Night of Worship, Maryland, USA
  • Elva, Solo Recording Artist, FOH Co-Founder, California, USA
  • Elva Diaz, Recording Artist, Arizona, USA
  • DJ Joash Okare, NxT LvL Music, New Jersey, USA
  • Isaac, FOH Founder, Executive Director, Washington DC, USA
  • Please visit our FACEBOOK Event Page @ FB EVENT PAGE.
  • For more information visit the Event Main page @ EVENT MAIN PAGE. See you there!

Famine in the Horn of Africa…

Any reasonable observer of global humanitarian affairs will know what ramifications severe and prolonged drought can have in a given region. Unfortunately, I would surmise that most folk in the Western world are unaware that their brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa are in the middle of the worst drought they have faced in more than 60 years with up to 12 million people facing famine. A prolonged dry season has led to crop failures and food shortages in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia. The U.N estimates that 10 million people are in need of immediate food aid.

In that vein, you can imagine the humanitarian need that has emerged for many of the residents in Eastleigh, Nairobi, where we conduct medical operations. Below you will find a report from one of FOH’s ground coordinator’s on the current situation in Kenya. In response to their prayer request, we have launched a new initiative: the FOH Food Distribution Program (which will function as an extension of our FOH Relief Program). This initiative will serve to alleviate some of the current effects of the famine in the community. The operational mechanism of the project will be quite simple: FOH-USA will work on raising awareness and securing funds. Secured funds will be disbursed to local FOH ground staff for the bulk purchase of staple food items, which are to be distributed at select distribution centers within the community at least on a monthly basis.

Easleigh will serve as a test ground and pilot from which we hope to launch similar programs in the near future throughout Africa and the Middle East. Please consider supporting our efforts through ongoing prayer, volunteer, and or financial contribution (simply visit our site’s give/contribution page). Thank you!


Isaac Moonzwe

Executive Director

P.S. In addition to the report below is a link to remind you of our previous news issue from Elva, Co-Founder, concerning the fundraising efforts taking place for our medical operations in Eastleigh. As of today, about a quarter of the funds needed for the expansion initiative have been raised! Also included is a secular news link which touches on the drought crisis cited in this update. Report from the ground: We request you to pray for Kenya.

About 5,000,000 people and the number could be more than this, are facing food shortage. For three consecutive seasons there has been lack of enough rain hence the country is in acute shortage of food. In May 2kg maize flour cost was 70 Shillings (Sh) and now it costs 150 Sh, Sugar 1kg cost was 90 Sh, now it costs 140 Sh. And the prices of all other essential commodities have gone up. The Bible says that the righteous shall live by faith and we have faith in Him. Brethren there are no words that are able to express our gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you, and God Bless you. Greet all the Brethren.

Christ’s Bond Servant,

Pastor Simon

True Story of the Lord’s Amazing Grace…

There was a knock on the front gate in the middle of the night.  She peered through the glass, past the bars that protect their first floor flat.  It was a person slouched over with yellow fever, on the brink of death. She is a nurse. Her husband is a pastor. They have 6 children to feed (some of whom are adopted), but the people at the door are poor and have no money for medicine.  The next day, they opt to forgo several meals that week so that one person, a stranger, could live. 

The nurse audibly prays to Jesus to heal the person, and then distributes some recently purchased medicines to them. A life is spared and a spiritual seed is planted.  This has been a common occurrence for many years; this family will often forgo eating in order to save the life of a person who seeks help in the middle of a medical crisis.

This is why I have urgency for us to expand the FOH Community Health Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya.  The family referred to in this story live in a predominately Muslim community, but they are respected because of the “healing power of Jesus Christ,” through their prayers and the care the couple provides.  If we help expand the clinic work beyond the current grassroots operational level, our nurse believes the clinic can become self-sustaining.   The residents of their community have asked them to open an official medical clinic, but the nurse does not have the means to do so.  I have walked in the streets of the community with this family.  I have seen where they live.  I have heard their hearts desires to bring Jesus to the Somali Muslims that surround them.  This family is so precious.

Will you help expand the current medical work being conducted in this community by enabling us to secure a more functional facility?  Please pray and ask, then RESPOND if the answer is YES! I am running a half-marathon in San Diego, CA, on Aug 21, 2011. Will you sponsor my run? This event presents an opportunity for you to give a one-time donation, matching donation, or ongoing donations to help those already doing the work… to those already responding to their Call and Purpose in life. Please STAND (or run) with us in helping this family share the Gospel as they seek to save lives physically and spiritually!

If you would like to receive an Expansion & 6-Month Budget Funding Proposal for the Community Health Clinic, please send an email request to us at: To make a donation you can go directly to our contribution page where you will find multiple giving options: (checks are also accepted via our mailing address). You are also welcome to visit me on Facebook at: and “Like” the page to keep informed!

Deeply, prayerfully, and so thrilled at what God will do!

Elva Frye, Co-Founder

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Help Needed in Pakistan

It has rightly been said that “RAIN IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.” However, the monsoon rains of this year in Pakistan bring with them a bad omen for millions of Pakistanis. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are seriously affected due to the heavy and stormy rains. The Province of Khaibar Pakhtun Khuwa, Punjab & Sindh have been declared disastrous areas. The whole of city of Nowshera, District Mianwali, Dera Ismail Khan, Muzaffar Garh, Kabirwala, Multan, Dera Allah Yar Districts,  Gilgit Baltistan areas, and many others villages/towns have been destroyed. All this is mind blowing. Millions of people are living in conditions of misery. They are homeless. They have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. Food stuff, pure water, clothes, blankets and tents are their most immediate needs. Many diseases have broken out due to the standing of dirty water. Medicines are also urgently required to save and protect these precious lives.

pakistan flood disasterLife has become a hell for the people in these areas. Their conditions are very pitiable. The children are dying of hunger. There are not sufficient facilities for sufficient shelter. Whole cities have been destroyed. Huge buildings have been reduced to heaps of death. Big bazaars have turned in to heaps of mud. All the affected areas are deserted. Life seems to have disappeared. The crops have also been destroyed by the rains; especially the crops of cotton, vegetables, and rice which is a staple food and national source of income.

pakistan flood disasterThe need of the moment is the rehabilitation of the people affected in these areas. Many people have been deprived of their relatives. This flood has taken away many human lives with it, and those who remain alive are still in danger of death due to the non-availability of basic necessities. There is a near possibility of losing more life if a conscious effort is not made to re-establish the situation.

I urge you if you can, please provide some contribution to console your brothers and sisters in this moment of gripped sorrow. No doubt it will take the long term for the circumstances to come back to normal; but our present aim is just to provide some relief to the victims this heavy flood. We just desire to save human lives, and we require your help in this matter. I hope you will help them as much as possible; the whole nation would be thankful to you for this good deed.


FOH Ground Coordinator, Pakistan

Flood EvacuationTo make a one time or recurring donation toward the relief effort: Click Here.

Your donation will go toward securing the itemized list of supplies requested below. If you desire to directly secure any of the non-perishable items.

The itemization of items required:

FOOD:   Water, Milk, Juices, Rice, Lentils, Cooking Oil, Flour, Biscuits, Dry Spices, Salt, Bread, etc…

MEDICINES & FIRST AID SUPPLIES:  ORS, Anti-Allergy Tablets, Cough & Fever Syrups, Pyodine, Ointments, Calpol Syrup (Adult & Children), Gauze Rolls, Sterile Bandages, etc…

CLOTHES & MISC:  Shawls,  Slippers, Shalwar Kameez (National Dress), etc…

SUPPLIES:   Utensils, Blankets, Tents, Torches, Sleeping Bags, Water Storage Containers, Buckets, Mosquito Repellant Coils, Sanitary Napkins, Soaps, Candles, Matches, etc…

To make a donation visit: FoH Pakistan Relief.

Pakistan Moonson Floods Update…

If you haven’t already heard, about a month since heavy monsoons caused the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history, it’s estimated that one-fifth of its territory is now submerged under water. The flood waters have flooded 17 million acres of agricultural land. Along with the crops, some 200,000 animals have perished. The total number of people affected as a direct result has climbed to 20 million. The number of displaced people has risen to nearly 5 million, “the largest movement of people in the region since the subcontinent’s partition in 1947.”

The bad news is that the numbers just keep rising. Consequently, outbreaks of cholera and dysentery have heightened fears of a wider spread of deadly water-borne diseases. The number of people reported to be suffering from acute diarrhea has reached 200,000; an equal number have been hit by respiratory illnesses. Death rates are spiraling; this disaster has been assessed as being more devastating than the 2005 Tsunami!

FACE of HARVEST is providing aid in response to the disaster  through our ground coordinators in Pakistan. Should you desire to make a contribution toward our relief efforts in Pakistan, please visit our site by clicking on the following link: